At Least We Arent French

200px-bastiatIt must be tough to be a French libertarian, if there even are any. Ive never met one, but maybe they exist. I like to say that French politics consists of ten socialists parties, a globalist party, and a nationalist party. The country itself is a mix of deep socialism and traditonalism. So deeply tangled up in regulations and taxes that several books could be written about, its a wonder they even have an economy. What ever happened to the land that gave us the great Frederic Bastiat?

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The UK Liberal Democrats are NOT a Libertarian Party


Not libertarian

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced an early election last week to help her with Brexit negotiations. She currently has a slim majority from David Camerons 2015 victory and polls show she would go from 330 seats to over 430 seats, out of 650. This will ensure more flexibility in negotiations and getting the withdrawal approved. Additionally, many remainer MPs could be ousted by voters who wanted Out, which means it will be smoother sailing. Conservative candidates will have to say they support the Prime Minister and leaving the European Union.

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Everyone should support #Calexit

After it became clear that Donald Trump would become president on the night of 8 November 2016, Democrats and related leftists began organizing a California secession campaign. The idea has lengthy roots, but gained massive steam when the election dust settled. By now, about a third of Californians, mostly Democrats, support the idea. And a group is beginning to gather signatures to put an advisory referendum on the ballot in 2018. But why would anyone oppose it?


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How to Be a Libertarian

iraq war protestorOne problem that seems to vex libertarianism is its inability to accomplish much. We have been advocating for various reforms and repeals for decades. The Libertarian Party was advocating for marijuana legalization and expanding government marriage licenses since the 1970s. Both issues are taking root in American society, but who is getting all the credit? Socialists/Progressives/Leftists/whatever. Ron Paul was a major candidate in 2012 and a loyal Republican who went as far as advocating the legalization of heroin on a South Carolina debate stage. Yet, more recently Bernie Sanders supporters (who apparently have no memory of anything) claim that the independent turned Democrat was the first candidate to advocate legalizing marijuana. In a sense, we should at least be pleased that our ideas are starting to be accepted and implemented, but that isnt enough. As much as most of us oppose intellectual property, its frustrating to get no credit for anything.

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Enough with the Superdelegates

I planned to write this post a month ago, but as always, I got distracted and the uproar faded.

superdelegateOn one side, Bernie Sanders supporters were freaking out that Hillary Clinton technically got the same number of delegates as him thanks to superdelegates. Superdelegates are elected Democrat officials in each state who are automatically delegates to the convention. They were implemented in large part after the George McGovern and Jesse Jackson campaigns. Both put a scare in the establishment that a far left rabble rouser might get the nomination. Neither did in the end because they were too narrow, not because of superdelegates.

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Why do libertarians hate Donald Trump so much?

paultrumpLibertarians, with a small minority of exceptions, have an almost universal hatred of the 2016 Donald Trump campaign. Time and time again I will see a random vicious anti-Trump comment, squint at the profile picture, and see that its from a Rand supporter. The two traits seem to go together, even more than the establishment hates Trump. Indeed, the feud emerged in the first debate and second debate, not to mention in between. Perhaps the Rand supporters are just taking cues from their fearless leader (dont get me wrong, I do like him). I am not convinced of this playing any more than a minor role.

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Swiss Elections Swing Right; Canadians Head to the Polls

Toni Brunner (Swiss Peoples Party) and Stephen Harper (Conservative Party of Canada)

Toni Brunner (Swiss Peoples Party) and Stephen Harper (Conservative Party of Canada)

Switzerland held elections yesterday which saw the nationalist Swiss Peoples Party win a second election in a row and gain seats. The invader crisis from the Middle East likely played a big role and this should be a warning to other leaders such as Angela Merkel. Additionally, the classic liberal party FDP.The Liberals also gained seats. Most other parties lost an assortment of seats.

Today, Canadians head to the polls in what may be incumbent Stephen Harpers last term is Prime Minister. At the helm of Canada since 2006, Harper is a mixed bag of conservatism. He ended the long gun industry, cut taxes, and helped keep Canada stable thru recession and the recent resource crisis. Recent polls have shown the Conservatives, Liberals, and New Democratic Party (socialists) in the lead at some point or another, but currently the Liberals have the lead. The Liberal Party is led by the son of Pierre Trudeau, Justin, who is a Hillary Clinton type. He has made a big show of his inevitability, but has little actual experience or posture. The New Democratic Party faces a question of if they can hold onto Quebec, the principal source of their seats, and what finish they will make in the race for the top three.