I Know What Its Like To Be Afraid of Guns


Growing up in New Jersey, the only time I ever saw a gun was attached to a police officer. It wasnt even until I started working in my twenties, in a store, that I noticed cash logistics companies (eg Garda, Loomis, etc) were allowed to open carry. Even then, one of the employees was complaining about all the months of training and licensing he has to go thru. While training is likely in any state for insurance purposes, at least in some states, he does not need a license. Thus, I never had much experience around guns until a summer not too long ago, when I shot a Ruger 1022 rifle on my cousins multiacre forest spread. It was an experience, for certain.

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Libertarian Party of New Hampshire Gets State House Caucus Status


Rep. Joseph Stallcop (L-Keene)

Earlier today, a group of people gathered on the State House steps in Concord, New Hampshire. Attendees soon discovered that the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire had an announcement to make. A freshman Democrat state representative, Joseph Stallcop, from Keene was defecting to join the Libertarian Party. He cited his upset with the government use of force against pipeline protestors in North Dakota and his “classic liberal” values conflicting with his party. This marks the third defection from the Democrats in just a few months, the other two switching to Republican.

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Where Were You People the Past 100 Years?


CNNs Wolf Blitzer

There should be two groups in the United States that must be ripping their hair out in a fury: Trump supporters and libertarians. Now, thats not to conflate the two groups. There is more overlap than libertarians like to admit, however, they are quite distinct. In any case, both have to be frustrated with the media coverage of the new president. Trump supporters are angry that the media will not let go of its deranged pathological hatred of the man, and libertarians wonder where this skeptical media has been.

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Purim: Iran is not Haman

It is that time of year, when we Jews celebrate yet another victory over oppression. The famous, but somewhat out of place story about how the Jewish queen of a Persian king saved her people from doom at the hands of a wicked minister, thanks to the advice of her uncle. We can draw an important parallel from this story to the Iran of today that many Jews have forgotten about over the past decades.


Esther Denouncing Haman, by Ernest Normand (1888)


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Partisan Shopping: Has it Really Come to This?

new_balance_logo-svgThis recent election more than anything before has caused a partisanization of something as mundane as shopping. Trump supporters are urged to buy from LL Bean, UnderArmour, and New Balance because their CEOs defended Trump. The same supporters are urged to boycott Starbucks, Nordstrom, and Uber because of the decisions of their CEOs or companies. And of course, Trump opponents are urged to do the opposite. Its even gotten to the point where Trump opponents are supposed to boycott Macys and Amazon, despite the fact that Macys cut ties with Trump over a year ago and Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, has frequently tussled with Trump and backed the court case against his executive orders. Has it really come to this, that we can no longer just go shopping and pick whatever brand suits are personal tastes and needs?

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Everyone should support #Calexit

After it became clear that Donald Trump would become president on the night of 8 November 2016, Democrats and related leftists began organizing a California secession campaign. The idea has lengthy roots, but gained massive steam when the election dust settled. By now, about a third of Californians, mostly Democrats, support the idea. And a group is beginning to gather signatures to put an advisory referendum on the ballot in 2018. But why would anyone oppose it?


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How to Be a Libertarian

iraq war protestorOne problem that seems to vex libertarianism is its inability to accomplish much. We have been advocating for various reforms and repeals for decades. The Libertarian Party was advocating for marijuana legalization and expanding government marriage licenses since the 1970s. Both issues are taking root in American society, but who is getting all the credit? Socialists/Progressives/Leftists/whatever. Ron Paul was a major candidate in 2012 and a loyal Republican who went as far as advocating the legalization of heroin on a South Carolina debate stage. Yet, more recently Bernie Sanders supporters (who apparently have no memory of anything) claim that the independent turned Democrat was the first candidate to advocate legalizing marijuana. In a sense, we should at least be pleased that our ideas are starting to be accepted and implemented, but that isnt enough. As much as most of us oppose intellectual property, its frustrating to get no credit for anything.

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