Why Jewish educators need to teach the Nazi perspective

women-naziAs the new school year gets underway, Jewish educators are making decisions regarding how best to teach about German Jews and the Jewish-Nazi conflict. Most begin with the premise that Jewish students should learn to support German Jews and defend their actions. Throughout the year, their lesson plans will flow from this fundamental objective.

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Denominations in Judaism vs Christianity

A few times over the past few months, I have had to explain the practice of Judaism to nonJews, usually those more familiar with Christianity. Like Christianity and other religions, Judaism also has denominations. However, it is a bit different in Judaism than Christianity. I like to say that while Christianity is like a tree with many branches and subbranches, Judaism is more like a spectrum. That is not to say that Judaism does not have branches, but the main difference is spectral.

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Collectivist Stagnation

Collectivist Stagnation: A look at how collectivism leads nowhere

Communists and their ilk frequently state the needs for social justice and that the market cannot provide for all the needs of people adequately. They present a string of bleeding heart causes (nevermind that it is the state that causes these hardships) and conclude that socialist forced collectivism must be enacted to accommodate these “needs”. However, history has shown that these various schemes to be abject failures.

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Child Labor

Child Labor: A look at a statist scare story and how to show it baseless

We free marketists argue that there should be no government whatsoever. No arbitrary laws restricting trade. One such law, present in all industrialized countries, involves “child labor”. The term “labor” usually conjures up the thought of hard work, sweat, and toil. Statists argue that it is necessary to forbid such a possibility so that young, vulnerable children are not threatened or abused by it. We argue that there should be no such restrictions and statists think we are mad. However, like most statist arguments, this is completely ignorant of reality and the needs of society.

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