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Mercury dimes

Mercury dimes

Every now and then, but not as often as I should, I implore followers to “Buy Silver!” This may seem a bit nuts in general, and also has to compete with bitcoin, othercoins, and gold in just libertarianland, let alone the rest of the world. Personally, I think that inflation is the absolute most important issue facing the world, and this should be the biggest concern for libertarians (despite my support for pluralism). Yes, more important than the drug war and the police state. The reason being is that solving inflation solves almost everything else. By not diluting the currency, the economy will be much stronger and people will find they need less authoritarianism, less escapes from reality, and less income from immoral and degenerate sources. A secure currency is the heart of the economy. Would you fill your engine or machine with cheap, diluted oil?

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2015 Election for the Knesset of Israel Exit Poll Report

Well, the exit polls are in and there are a few surprises for sure. I have put them into a table for easy reading, along with the final prediction from Knesset Jeremy (KJ), who does an average of the polls, along with some sort of proprietary modelling to adjust for momentum. Finally, I averaged the three exit polls (Channels 1, 2, 10), which we can consider my calculated “prediction” (AVG). The actual results will shift a bit in the coming week or so as absentee ballots are tabulated.

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