List of Jewish Libertarians

Jewish Libertarians:
Walter Block
Frank Chodorov
Moshe Feiglin
David Friedman
Patri Friedman
Glenn Greenwald
Henry Hazlitt (by mother)
Steve Horwitz
Israel Kirzner
Adam Kokesh
Ilana Mercer
Ludwig von Mises
Tonie Nathan
Murray Rothbard
Murray Sabrin
Irwin Schiff
Peter Schiff
Charlie Shrem
John Stossel
Aaron Swartz (הי״ד, זק״ל)

Eugene Volokh

Milton Friedman (libertarian conservative)
Ayn Rand (objectivist)


4 thoughts on “List of Jewish Libertarians

    • Do you have any source to verify that? Wikipedia says it, but its uncited. He could be half and half, which counts for a mention.

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  2. why you put by mother after “”Henry Hazlitt (by mother)”” name? a jew is a jew. and that,s always by mother.

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