List of Jewish Libertarians

Jewish Libertarians:
Walter Block
Frank Chodorov
Moshe Feiglin
David Friedman
Patri Friedman
Glenn Greenwald
Henry Hazlitt (by mother)
Steve Horwitz
Israel Kirzner
Adam Kokesh
Ilana Mercer
Ludwig von Mises
Tonie Nathan
Murray Rothbard
Murray Sabrin
Irwin Schiff
Peter Schiff
Charlie Shrem
John Stossel
Aaron Swartz (הי״ד, זק״ל)

Eugene Volokh

Milton Friedman (libertarian conservative)
Ayn Rand (objectivist)


2015 International Students for Liberty Conference

This is my third time going to ISFLC (13-15 February 2015), and it was even better than last year. All the criticisms of SFL and its mentality aside, it is one of largest libertarian gatherings in the world, rivaling the Free State Projects PorcFest. Its largely an academic gathering, but anyone can attend. Well-known and lesser known libertarian organizations from CATO to the aforementioned to the Property and Environment Research Center sponsored booths and talks at the event. Leading speakers included a skype-in by Edward Snowden, a joint panel featuring Judge Napolitano and Ron Paul, Congressmen Jones, Amash, and Massie, and former Mexican president Vicente Fox, among others.

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